This place holds thousands of stories and memories for me. A place where every student succeeds with whatever belief, ethnicity or the values they might hold. New School is not just an institution, it's a community of loving, tolerant and kind people who stand for each other. It's been 6 years since I've graduated, but still feel as a proud part of NS. It was and always will be a sanctuary to run away from the difficult reality. NS welcomes not only students but also parents and alumni. It's priceless to see the teary faces of my past teachers as they greet me, while I'm in nostalgic tears too.

A place where I made lifelong friends from all around the globe. We've been through a lot together. Learnt what's it like to lose basketball championships and fail in tests but to never deal with failure. We Engaged in charity activities to help those in need and made them smile. Went on trips to all over the world and experienced the cultures. What's most important, survived IB. IB has its own place in my existence. A bitter sweet chapter of my life. It taught me substantial lessons of success and failure. IB trained me in living, decision-making and acceptance.

Yes, there have been irreplaceable smiles and tears of joy on our faces. And yes, there have been gloomy moments of failure, although failure taught me to stand up and never give up. New School was the beginning of my youth; however, it never ends. I still have that tiny unique place in this beautiful environment and so does every graduate. And now, here I am a global citizen, who's travelled the world thanks to NS, holding my MA diploma from my second university, still dreadfully grateful for those 12 significant years at NS.


Class of 2012

My Story

New School has been the biggest part of my life I’ve lived so far. I’ve been a part of this community ever since I consciously remember myself. New School is the only school I ever went to – I entered it at the age of 6 and graduated at the age of 18. As the time went by, I noted it more and more how lucky I was that my parents took the decision of enrolling me in this study institution and how I wouldn’t want it to happen in any other way.

New school is the place were I not only acquired immense factual and technical knowledge, but it is also where I developed as a person, where I always felt loved, supported and encouraged to go beyond my comfort zone. Having graduated years ago, to this day I keep in touch with many of the faculty members because they always saw a person behind the student sitting in class and always acted as a source of guidance and comfort.

Going back to New School is one of the most emotional events for me – it means going back to the memories of playing hide and seek in the backyard, to playing football during lunchbreaks, to listening to new pop music with my best friends, to rushing back and fourth from the library to classrooms, to hosting international events, to crying for my graduation speech… This is not just a school for me, it is a life companion that gave me all the assets to become a strong, confident woman and pursue my dreams.


Class of 2018

Studying in the New School was a great experience.  Despite all of the hard work that we had to do in the Diploma Program, every day was fun and interesting thanks to the friendly environment in school. The whole team of teachers and staff contributed to our success, as they helped us in class, as well as the rest of the time that we spent in school, preparing for the exams. The years of experience the New School staff has with IB, made the diploma program much easier for us; we clearly understood what the requirements were. By the end of school, we realized that we truly became all of the things included in the IB Lerner Profile.

Sopo, Liza and Anna-Sophia