New School aims to educate and foster the whole child. To provide students with the opportunity to try new activities and explore their interests, New Schools offers a wide range of After School Activities in a fun, supportive and positive environment. Students can choose from different sports, art, drama and other engaging and instructive classes. All activities take place at New School and begin after school with different finishing times. As there are no buses running when After School Activities finish, students must be collected from New School when their activity is over.

Elementary School 

Gymnastics: Through movement, children develop their bodies, their minds and their confidence.                                        

Georgian Dancing: These lessons are taught by a professional Georgian dance teacher. The lessons provide the benefits of improving coordination, developing rhythm, memory and many other skills.

Chess: The chess after school activity provides an opportunity for students to develop logical thinking skills and strategies, to encourage their inventiveness and to learn more about the game of chess.

Ballet: Ballet is the beginning source of all dances. It teaches you technique, discipline, balance, coordination, patience, grace, posture and helps you to ready yourself for other types of dancing. Ballet is an excellent choice for beginners. Ballet is just like any sport, you have to start by warming up. Once you are warmed up from the bar exercises, you will come to the centre and the instructor will give you several different techniques and steps.

Swimming: New School offers a comprehensive “Learn to Swim Programme”. Our lesson structure is designed so all students are continually assessed and working towards new goals.

Soccer: Students have the opportunity to participate in our active football programme.  These lessons will practice skills individually and play games in different age groups.  

Karate: These lessons are taught by a professional Karate teacher and help students learn and practice self-discipline and self-confidence as they advance to higher levels and belts

Upper School

In today’s world with its ever-increasing complexities children are subjected to psychological pressures and it is highly imperative that they should acquire the necessary skills for managing the multifarious activities which they are supposed to do without getting stressed. It can be said, without inviting any debate, that such activities can provide the much-needed outlet for de-stressing young minds. Apart from that, it prepares students for facing the outside world when they step out of the protected portals of their academic institutions by instilling confidence, social skills, interpersonal skills and inculcating team spirit and conflict resolution skills. These objectives form the essence of after school activities for the Upper School, at New School. 

Anime: Anime Club aims to foster international-mindedness and broaden students' cultural knowledge by exposing them to a genre of media pioneered and produced in Japan.  Anime, or Japanese Animation, explores complex themes using distinctive artistic styles and methods, unique storytelling techniques, and both traditional and original fiction tropes. Over the last several decades, Anime has become increasingly influential in Western media, with movies, television series, and video games increasingly borrowing stories, tropes, and artistic styles from Japanese creators. Students in Anime club will explore these, and other issues related to visual storytelling and the globalisation of culture through screenings and discussions of a broad selection of Anime features and series.

Writing Lab: Need help with your writing? Are you struggling with a writing assignment, your Personal Project or Extended Essay? Come to writing lab! Mini-lessons for improving your writing may also be provided upon request.

Photography Club: This club aims to inspire a passion for photography in the students. In an age when handheld mobile devices enable everyone to capture images easily, a deeper look at the merits of photography and its attendant techniques seems essential. This club aims to bring together a small community of people who take joy in appreciating the many moments of life by capturing them in a manner that approximates the photos to works of art rather than mere snapshots.

Chess Club: Chess is a game for people of all ages. Chess develops memory. Chess improves concentration. Chess develops logical thinking. Chess promotes imagination and creativity. Chess teaches independence. Chess inspires self-motivation. Chess is cheap. CHESS IS FUN!

Book Club: This club will not be an extension of what students do in the classroom. Rather, it aims to bring together an enthusiastic group of students who relish language and the narrative of humanity reflected within the pages of a novel. We will focus on fiction and explore our selected texts in a manner that allows us to probe deeper into the narrative as well as the human issues treated therein.

SAT Preparation: The SAT exam is an admissions test used by many colleges and universities to assess a potential student's academic strengths and readiness for college. The intent of the SAT is to measure a student's capabilities in the core areas of reading, writing and mathematics. SAT test scores range from 200 to 800 for each of the sections, for a total potential score of 2400. Come and prepare for the SAT exam.