New School has a Counsellor in the Elementary, Middle and High School, in order to meet the developmental needs of each student. Counsellors in general address transitions, academic success, personal and social development, and future planning for students.

The Counsellors work closely with different departments within the school, as well as maintaining close communication with faculty to ensure the delivery of effective and supportive services to all our students and families. The Counsellor is a listener, a helper, a problem solver and students’ advocate.

The counselling programme respects students’ values and beliefs while addressing the academic, personal and social developmental needs of every student. Students are always welcome and encouraged to speak to the Councillor about any issues they are having. The Counsellor also regularly collaborates with teachers, administrators, staff members and parents to make sure student needs are met. The counselling department also offers parent support through discussions at coffee mornings, courses, resources through Newsletters or in person.

The Counsellors at New School are student advocates. More specifically the Counsellors support students through:  

  • Helping students understand, accept themselves and others and increase their level of responsibility as they grow and mature
  • Helping students understand their abilities, interests, strengths, talents and characteristics
  • Providing a safe and comfortable place where students may come to talk about a problem or consult on a specific topic
  • Participating and assisting in the processes of students’ decision-making
  • Helping students acquire attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning
  • Providing direct intervention strategies to meet the learning, behavioural and social-emotional needs of students
  • Providing classroom teachers with research-based intervention strategies that support students’ social and emotional health
  • Documenting intervention strategies
  • Providing and monitoring behavioural plans      
  • Counselling students according to their needs
  • Maintain a referral list of community professionals
  • Helping students meet standards
  • Providing support to new families 

The school has two full-time doctors, Dr Nino Merkviladze who speaks English and Georgian and Dr Nana Topuria who speaks Georgian and Russian. Dr Liana Kaptsova is the doctor at the swimming pool and she speaks Georgian and Russian. The doctors are available from Monday to Friday during school hours. With parental permission, students may be given non-prescription medication during the school day to treat mild conditions such as headache or sore throat.