We recommend beginning your application process with a visit to New School, International School of Georgia. An Admission Committee member will take you and your child on a tour of the school and all our facilities and answer any questions you may have. Please make an appointment at least two days prior to the day you wish to visit by contacting us:

+995 577 189 127


Admission Procedure

Step 1: Please complete and submit the Application Form with your child’s official school reports for the previous three years of school. All documents must be provided in English.

Step 2: Child’s interview and assessment

  • Early Years and Elementary (Kindergarten to Grade 5): Your child will meet with the Principal and School Counsellor. If necessary additional assessments may be given.
  • Upper Years (Grade 6 to 12): Your child will meet with the Principal, School Counsellor and the Diploma Programme Coordinator for applicants to Grades 11 and 12. Your child will be assessed in both Math and English. Assessments are periodically reviewed to ensure their level reflects the current curriculum and expectations of New School. If necessary, additional assessments may be given.

Step 3: Submit the completed application package consisting of the below documents.

  • General Permission Form 
  • Medical Form
  • Copy of immunization record
  • Two (2) passport size photographs
  • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate or Passport translated into Georgian and notarized.
  • Copy of Parents/Guardians’ ID cards or passports translated into Georgian and notarized.
  • Elementary School: Recommendation letters from your child’s teacher and a school counsellor from their present school. In case your child’s present school does not have a school counsellor, you may submit recommendation letters from two separate teachers. 
  • Upper School: Recommendation letters from your child’s two teachers and a school counsellor from their present school. In case your child’s present school does not have a school counsellor, you may submit three recommendation letters from three separate teachers. 

Step 4: Application Status

4.1 The Principal will inform you in writing by email regarding your child’s application. If your child is offered a place at New School, you have two days to accept the offer by emailing New School.

4.2 If your child is enrolling in Grade 1 after the beginning of the academic year or in Grade 2 or higher you must complete this step, otherwise please move on to the next step (4.3). Under Georgian law to officially accept a child into an educational institution, the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) must recognise your child’s previous years of education outside of Georgia. To complete this process please follow the steps below:

  • Translate previous school reports into Georgian and notarize the validity of the translation.
  • Bring all the translated reports to New School where the learning outcomes will be aligned with the Georgian Educational System. New School will then provide you with a Compatibility Document in 3 to 5 days.

You must then submit the following documents to the NCEQE:

  1. An application form from the NCEQE.
  2. All translated reports.
  3. Compatibility Document from New School.
  4. Child’s birth certificate translated into Georgian and notarized.
  5. Copy of Parent/Guardian’s Georgian ID card or passport translated into Georgian and notarized.
  6. NCEQE application fee payment receipt
  7. If someone apart from yourself is filing the application, they must provide a power of attorney form.

If any document is written in a language other than Georgian (including the NCEQE application form) it must be translated into Georgian and the validity of the translation notarized. You will then receive a letter from the NCEQE. Bring this letter from the NCEQE to New School.

4.3 You will receive an Enrolment Contract from New School that must be completed and signed and an invoice for the payment required to complete your child’s enrolment. The invoice includes a non-refundable deposit fee and a percentage of the tuition fee (which is calculated by your child’s enrolment date). The remaining percentage of the tuition fee must be paid by the 15th of December of the same academic year. Making payments on time ensures your child’s place in the school is secure. 

Upon New School receiving the payment of fees and the completed Enrolment Contract your child is able to begin attending school.

When the NCEQE approves your application please bring this document to school and you will be given the final Acceptance Document from New School, along with your child’s Enrolment Contract signed by the Director, completing the enrolment process. Please note processing time for the NCEQE is approximately one month.