Implementing a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet at school is a challenging and rewarding process. Nutrition is closely linked with the emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being of our children, but it can be a challenge to maintain healthy eating habits at both home and school. Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods that provide children with the nutrients they require to be healthy, feel good and have enough energy for the day. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, iron, fibre and other important vitamins and minerals. 

We strongly believe that a varied and balanced diet is an important way of protecting children’s health and promoting proper growth and development. It can help children to improve their concentration and fulfil their potential, both inside and outside of school. Healthy school lunches that appeal to children could significantly change their attitude to healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This was the main reason to start the healthy eating concept café Healthy Planet. As for the staff and visiting parents, there is also Mark Twain's Cafe, which also serves healthy food.

Our catering team is involved in mastering new and exciting recipes from around the world which appeal to all children. We hope that our healthy recipes will persuade students to eat and more importantly, enjoy a balanced diet.

  • We do not knowingly use processed foods, undesirable additives or hydrogenated fats.
  • We do not use nuts or nut products in the production of our menus and we avoid artificial colourings and flavourings.
  • We implement strict control over the use of salt and sugar.
  • We do not use pork or lamb in our menus.
  • We offer a variety of vegetarian options.
  • We ensure that our children receive a morning break and encourage them to eat fresh fruit and drink water.

The products used in each Cafe are provided by responsible and certified companies. Please inform the school office of any food allergies that your child may have.

New School Sample Menu (Week 1)

Boarding House Sample Menu (Week 1)