Admission Procedure

In order to be admitted, you need to complete the application process. We recommend beginning your application process with a visit to New School Boarding. The Admission Committee member will take you on a tour of the New School Boarding facilities and answer any questions you may have.  

The application package consists of the below documents: 

  • Application Form
  • Student’s official Transcripts from their present school
  • Recommendation letters from the student’s two teachers 
  • Medical Form
  • Copy of immunization records
  • Passport size photograph
  • Copy of student’s Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Copy of Parents/Guardians’ ID cards or passports​​​​.

Student will have an interview with the Admission Counsellor. After the interview is completed and all the required documents are submitted, the Admission Counsellor will inform you in writing by email regarding the student’s application. If the student is offered a place at New School Boarding, you will receive an invoice for the payment required to complete the student’s admission and New School Boarding Agreement that must be completed and signed.

Upon receiving the payment of fees and the completed New School Boarding Agreement the student is able to join New School Boarding.