CAS Trip to Prague

CAS trip took place in October 21-25th in a beautiful Prague. 23 DP students along with two supervisors were involved in various activities.

Tour started with a fascinating introduction to the incredibly diverse history and culture of the Czech Republic around Prague's ancient streets. Students were introduced to the CAS trips UN challenge makers’ goal.

The following day was dedicated to creativity. Led by professional street artists, through Prague's main urban art district Holesovice, students learned about the techniques and styles of street art and graffiti before creating their own canvas to take home. Also, students visited a fascinating and interactive exhibit in Franz Kafka's museum.

Next day students were involved in an ancient Indian practice of Yoga. Students were introduced to the physical and mental exercises of yoga.

In co-operation with Prague's most out-reaching homeless charity, students worked as a team to plan, prepare, cook and distribute a meal for 50 homeless people in a shelter. they were given 2-hour limit and a 200 EURO budget so communication, efficiency and collaboration were essential to a successful operation.

Overall trip was very enjoyable, productive and memorable. Students were engaged in all activities, worked collaboratively. The atmosphere was nice and friendly.