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US Principal`s Welcome Letter

Welcome to New School, International School Of Georgia.Right from the time of its inception in 1999, the school has traversed quite a distance in its quest for excellence.At New School we constantly strive to provide holistic education to our students.We are an IB World School and in the upper school we offer both the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme. Our students are invariably able to secure admission into reputed universities across the globe.


The school is located in the historic city of Tbilisi in an extremely safe and secure surrounding and has a vibrant multicultural environment. We are privileged to have a highly experienced and resourceful faculty whom we have recruited from different parts of the globe.


In todays constantly changing environment along with the multi dimensional challenges which one encounters on a daily basis, it is imperative for us to focus on all round development rather than having a singular objective of imparting only academic education.We take pride in the fact that our entire education system helps in moulding the personality of the students in such a way that they are equipped to take care of themselves as well as their families,society and the nation as a whole.The final objective is to broaden their vision and thinking, thereby helping them to become global citizens who have the ability to think globally and act locally. The attainment of our goals is entirely dependent on the collaborative participation of teachers, parents/guardians and students.In this context I would like to emphasize that parents or for that matter any stakeholder in New School is always free to contact me for any issue pertaining to their ward.


It will be our privilege to welcome you to our campus and we look forward to meeting you.


Nonika Sajiv

Upper School Principal


New school, International School Of Georgia