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ES Principal`s Welcome Letter

  Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome to New School: International School of Georgia, Elementary School Website.

Thank you for considering New School as the most suitable school for your children.
As an IB World School implementing the Primary Years Programme, Middle Year's Programme and Diploma Programme, New School's foundations are built on developing internationally minded students. 


Our  philosophy of "Building a diverse community of lifelong leaners who are prepared to make a difference in an ever changing world" is visible in everything we do at New School.


As an  IBPYP school our approaches to teaching and learning are based in the pedagogy of inquiry. Inquiry based learning is designed to be rigorous, challenging meaningful and authentic. All learning experiences are developed through research based strategies that are appropriate for the child’s stage of development, and take into consideration their interests and passions. The weekly schedule is well balanced with dedicated time for instruction in math, reading, writing, additional languages, science and social studies, visual art, music, physical education and swimming.


Alongside rigorous academic expectations, students participate in a range of social learning opportunities. Our student council allows students to develop leadership skills and confidence while our after school activities provide time for traditional Georgian dance, swimming, chess and martial arts and more. 


Safety and the sense of well-being is an essential aspect of successful learning at New School. Children need to feel that they are secure at all times. New School teachers and Teaching assistants create a positive, caring and robust learning environment where each child feels valued and his or her contributions are encouraged and welcomed.


As  Principal  I  will work closely with all parents to establish effective home-school partnerships through coffee mornings, parent information sessions, special events   and weekly newsletters. New School welcomes parents to engage in the learning process with their children as we provide ongoing support for you to learn more about our programmes. 


Please feel free to arrange a visit or contact us for further information. 



Best Regards, 


Michael Palmer

B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Elementary Principal

New School, International School of Georgia