Last Day of School for Diploma Programme students
May 24 will mark the last day for our DP2 students when they will follow a normal school schedule. It will also give them the opportunity to bid adieu to teachers and friends. The students in the school community along with teachers and the school administration wish students the very best for their forthcoming examinations and for all their future endeavours. According to Georgian tradition, they do so by writing these best wishes on the T-shirts, blouses and aprons of the graduating studentsFrom the 20th of April, the DP2 students will be on study leave. They will have about 15 days to systematize the knowledge they have received during two years of study and review assessment tasks, focusing on the skills and strategies required during the examinations. 

Majority of the students have already received offers from the universities and now our 'falcons' have one goal, to successfully answer the examinations in May 2019. We wish them great success!